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Tommy Whitehead

Meet Tommy Whitehead, Founder of TomCo Solutions. Tommy has a wide array of professional experience in multiple industries including legal, accounting and construction fields. Starting his professional career in the legal field, he quickly used his newly learned skill sets to catapult into the world of accounting and then on to property and construction management. Tommy describes himself as one of the most personable individuals you will ever meet. He can make a new friend out of a stranger within a few minutes. Make sure not to mention his favorite TV show The Simpsons or you might have to listen to quite a few random quotes from the series. Tommy spends a lot of his downtime on Disney trips with his son and trying his best not to scare a crowd while he sings karaoke. Tommy has a unique ability to use communication as a tool to understand his clients’ needs and help them achieve their long-term quality and financial goals. To see more about Tommy‚Äôs professional accomplishments, check out his profile on LinkedIn.