Putting the Bowl On

Clean the mounting flange on the floor using a use a putty knife. If you are using the same bowl and simply replacing the wax ring, scrape the wax or putty from the bottom of the bowl also. Ensure the surface of the floor is level before installing or re-installing your crapper. Check the flange for damage.

Damaged Flange

If your toilet was leaking at floor level, it could be the result of a damaged flange. If your toilet bolts directly to the flange and not to the floor, you may just have to fix a bolt hole.

Damage to the bolt holes around the flange can be remedied with a handy metal tab which is readily available. The tab goes under the lip of the flange and replaces the original bolt hole. As you tighten your toilet bolts, the tab hooks under the flange – just like new.

If it is badly damaged or cracked inside the area where the seal sits, you may want to have it replaced by a licenced plumber.

Installing Your Toilet

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions.

To save yourself some unnecessary heaving and straining, install the toilet in pieces. Here’s the procedure.

The Bowl

First, insert the closet bolts in the flange, or in the floor, where the old ones were. They should be the same distance from the wall as each other.

Next, lay a blanket or something on the floor to protect your bowl and then turn your bowl over. You should see a pipe sticking out the bottom of the bowl a short way. Put the wax ring on there with the tapered side facing the toilet.

Now pull the rag out of the hole in the floor and put your bowl on the flange. Put the washers and nuts on the closet bolts, just finger tight. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, don’t get your tapered washers upside-down.

The easiest way to get your toilet to compress the wax ring is to sit on it; gently rock the bowl slightly as you do. Then, while still sitting, tighten each of the nuts a little at a time to spread the pressure evenly.

Place the bolt caps on. Throw some water down your loo to check for leaks. If there are none, you can run a bead of silicone around the base and you’re done with the bowl.

The Tank

The tank is attached to the bowl with a big rubber gasket. If you are reinstalling your old toilet, this should be pretty obvious. Otherwise, the manufacturer’s instructions are a good place to start.

Once you have mounted the gasket, you will need to take the top off the tank and insert the bolts through the bottom of the tank and into the bowl. As with the bowl, tighten each of the bolts a little at a time to spread the pressure evenly. Don’t overtighten.

Water Supply Line

The water supply line goes from the floor or wall to the bottom of the tank. If it is a rigid pipe, be careful not to kink it.


The seat is installed however the manufacturer’s instructions say – they vary a bit.


Turn on the supply line and test it out. You may need to adjust the flush mechanism according to the manufacturers’ instructions.

That’s it

You’re done. Enjoy your … er … new appliance.

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